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Solutions Brief: Ads Privacy Compliance
A Review of Ads Compliance Issues, Solutions, and Case Studies
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Today’s consumers are well aware that their personal information is collected when they’re online. However, not enough consumers know that they have the option to control how much information is shared after it is collected, and that top companies go to great lengths to ensure visitors have control over their personal information.

With so many consumers wary of sharing their personal information, organizations should be eager to assuage consumers concerns by being transparent in their privacy policies and opt-outs. The recent surge in ad blocker usage further ratchets up the need to build consumer trust.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to determine whether the GDPR applies to your company, and if it does, how to assess your company’s readiness to comply with this new law
  • How to build a project plan, including best practices and examples of how to conduct a gap assessment, assign levels of effort, and create a project timeline
  • How to put your plan into action with specific tips on conducting a data mapping analysis, designating a Data Protection Officer, addressing EU Data Transfer, conducting Privacy Impact Assessments, implementing consent mechanisms, and addressing other key requirements

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