Organizations will be judged by the company they keep. Don’t let third parties off the hook, when your data privacy compliance is at risk. While third parties come through breaches unscathed, organizations from often pay a high price for public incidents linked to vulnerabilities that vendors introduce.

When considering privacy management for your organization, it’s also essential to factor in the risk you take on when contracting with an outside vendor. If a vendor is found to be in violation of privacy regulations, best practices or simply aren’t following their own privacy policies, you could face repercussions along with that company. Organizations should conduct a thorough privacy risk assessment with a potential vendor before working with them, and continue to monitor privacy compliance with all vendors on a regular basis.

This Webinar in the TRUSTe Fall/Winter Privacy Insight Series will review how to identify key considerations, requirements and risks when dealing with downstream vendors and priorities for effective program management.

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Charlie Miller
SVP, Shared Assessments

Charlie recently re-joined the Santa Fe Group as Senior Vice President, where his key responsibilities include managing and expanding the Collaborative Onsite Assessments Program and facilitating regulatory, partner and association relationships. He was previously the Director of Vendor and Business Partner Risk Management at AIG where he managed regulatory and governance activities for the organization’s enterprise vendor risk management program, including co-leading the definition and implementation components. Charlie is a Certified International Privacy and Third Party Risk Management Professional.

Ray Everett
Director Product Management & Principal Consultant, TRUSTe

Ray Everett, CIPP/US, is Principal Consultant and Director of Product for Compliance Solutions at TRUSTe. Ray has spent nearly two decades working at the intersection of privacy and risk management. Appointed as one of the first US corporate privacy officers in 1999, he was an original founding board member of the IAPP. Prior to joining TRUSTe, Ray managed global advertising and search privacy issues for Yahoo, and served as general manager for the privacy monitoring business unit at Keynote Systems.

Helen Huang

Senior Product Manager, TRUSTe

Helen Huang builds and manages TRUSTe's Ads Compliance and Cookie Consent Manager products. She works regularly with corporate clients to help them understand their privacy obligations and to implement innovative tools to ensure privacy compliance in desktop and mobile environments. Ms. Huang writes and speaks extensively on the topic of ads compliance.